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" I purchased this mini crib for my 8 month old son and it is AMAZING!! It fits in it perfect with a lot of room. It’s the PERFECT size since the mini crib will be in our room. It’s easy to assemble and so sturdy! It is the best mini crib I have purchased! You won’t regret buying! "
Noe Morin
" We live in a small house and this works great. The bottom is kind of a pain to get together and fit in the exact place to line up but we figured it out. Lots of little parts and better done with 2 people. My son is 26 inches and 5 months and he fits perfectly. I didn’t use the mattress it came with but bought one of the same brand. "
Ashley Baldwin
" This crib is perfect for our space. We wanted the option to keep our sofa bed in the bedroom for late nights with the baby or to be used as a guest room as our house only has two bedrooms. This crib allows for that because of its compact size. My favorite thing about the crib (being a 5’2” mama) is that I can comfortably lay my baby in the crib without feeling like I’m going to plop her down or without having to reach in awkwardly. I’d recommend this crib over and over again. No reason to have a full-sized crib because, by the time she outgrows this, she’ll be ready for a normal bed anyways. "
Megan Rae
" I bought this for my granddaughter, I wanted to make life easier for my son and his wife to get baby in and out of car and not hafe to carry a car seat with the baby in it, as it can get heavy so this was a simple solution take the car seat out of car and snap a few adjustments and it's a stroller, my son and his wife took it on a test run soon as they got it pics attached of that, they are just tickled to death, makes a great shower gift for a person you don't know what to get them "
Carmen Bliss

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